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Special Occasions. 

Celebrate your birthday or special event by creating a Life Without Limits for children and adults with disabilities in the Central Valley! Imagine if, instead of showering you with gifts, your family and friends could make a donation in your name to UCP of Central California.Or ask for any of our wish list items instead of gifts from your friends and family.

Contact Kim Regnerus for more information: or 559-221-8272

Give at Work. 

If you are a federal or state employee, or you work for a corporation that provides a workplace giving program such as the Combined Federal Campaign or Local United Way, you have available to you a very simple and convenient way to support UCP of Central California.

See your human resource manager or payroll department to see how you can designate UCP of Central California to support throughout the year.

Our Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Number is: #88126

If you have questions, please contact Kim Regnerus at 559.221.8272.

Give in Tribute. 

Consider a gift to celebrate those special moments; birthday, weddings, anniversaries, graduations – or make a gift in memory of a loved one.

When you make a memorial/honor gift, we will send a handwritten card to the persons you want us to notify, informing them of this special tribute (the amount is not mentioned)

Contact Kim Regnerus for more information: or 559-221-8272




S.H.A.R.E.S Cards. 

Use your S.H.A.R.E.S. card at Savemart, FoodMaxx, and Lucky stores. With the swipe of every card at any participating supermarket, a portion of the qualified purchases will automatically be donated to your organization in the form of S.H.A.R.E.S. points. Send your family and friends a card and ask them to participate.

Contact Janet at 559-221-8272 to get a card mailed to you or you can pick one up at our Fresno, Hanford or Coalinga program offices.


Purchase “Keeping Up With Jerry.” 

Keeping up with JerryWriting became the major focus of Joe Hemphill’s life at an early age. He has had cerebral palsy since birth and started writing while attending a special day school for disabled children when he was eleven years old. After living in care facilities, and then living on his own, he was able to attend college classes in writing. He moved to Fresno and served on the Board at UCP Central California for four years. His writing has appeared in numerous places: the UCP National website; The ConnSENSE Bulletin and The Writers Brigade on the Internet; and Letters to the Editor at the Los Angeles Times. His writing has appeared locally in: the UCPCC Newsletter; The Ram’s Tale, a book of student writing at Fresno City College; Valley Voices and Letters to the Editor in the Fresno Bee; and Writers Read on NPR. He has also recently published his first novel called Keeping Up With Jerry, available on

For every book that is sold through Amazon, Joe is contributing 50% of the proceeds directly to UCP of Central California.

Purchase the book “Keeping up with Jerry“, Author, Joe Hemphill.

Vehicle Donations

Are you a Federal Employee? Our Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Number is: #88126