Our Home Adaptive Program is designed to provide educational, developmental and therapeutic support for adults who are unable to participate in center-based programs. Essentially, we adapt our center-based programs so they are accessible to individuals who, for various reasons, are unable to leave their homes for extended periods of time. If they are unable to come to us, we go to them. Additionally, the program is able to supplement center-based programs by offering one-on-one therapy for those individuals who qualify.

Our clients are referred to us by the Central Valley Regional Center. In the initial meeting, our physical therapist and Home Adaptive coordinator meet with the client to determine their therapy needs. Our staff then visit the client regularly (either in their home or at their day program site) to carry out the therapy plan. The staff also work with family members or care providers to enable them to follow the daily therapy plan. An assessment is completed annually to maintain the highest level of services and to confirm their therapy goals are being met.

More than physical exercise. In some instances, the referral from the Central Valley Regional Center is only for physical therapy services. If, when our staff meet with the individual, they see a need and a benefit for more services, they advocate on behalf of that individual by requesting further services. These services include art instruction, technology assistance, and activities to increase their quality of life.

For many of the individuals who are unable to leave their home for center-based services, this provides an avenue of community and mental stimulation while enhancing their daily routine. Stimulating the mind by creating a piece of artwork. Engaging in communication online because they are now able to access the computer. These are activities that shape their life.

Currently 83 adults are enrolled and enrollment is increasing. This program serves a population who would not receive services if it weren’t for UCP of Central California.

For more information, please contact:
Caitlin Rodriguez
(559) 221-8272 x125


Counties Served: Fresno, Madera, Kings, Merced, Mariposa and Tulare

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