The Center for Habilitation, Education. Enrichment & Recreational Services program, nicknamed “Cheers to You,” serves adults who live with their families in the Coalinga community. Our community integration classes include arts and agriculture, educational classes with a focus on math and spelling, and physical education. With a strong partnership with the Central Valley Regional Center, students who live in this community will continue to receive UCP services.

We promote inclusion, access, independence, and opportunities for community engagement and life‐enhancing programs. We create opportunities for our students to interact with the community in positive settings and nurture independence and personal growth.


Vocational Training. Students will spend part of their time taking classes from a variety of electives designed to increase their employability. Examples of the classes offered: resume writing, career aptitude testing, dressing for success in the work place, customer service, marketing, math skills training, social skills training. ADA/advocacy training, on the job safety/OSHA regulations, Ticket to Work Program, emailing, beginning computer, keyboarding, Internet usage, selling/buying on eBay, graphic art, adaptive computer equipment, data entry, volunteerism, etc.

We work with business partners in Coalinga to facilitate employment for our students that express an interest in working. For example, a need for crossing guards for Coalinga schools may be identified. Our instructors would provide training through task analysis and verbal, written, modeled, and picture instruction. Job coaching would be provided for students who are interested and able to perform this type of work.


Life Skills. Designed to focus on skill development that will enhance the independence of our students. Classes include communication, community integration, cooking, recreational skills, hygiene, and self-advocacy.


Technology. Classes utilize a wide range of adaptive software and hardware that includes the mind mouse, touch screens, voice software and JAWS, a program that provides both speech and braille output. Technology classes include computer instruction, graphic art, computer communication, and e-mail, just to name a few.


Visual Arts. Classes include watercolor, sketching, papier-mâché, ceramics, clay, mixed media and candle making.


Performing Arts. Geared towards providing our students with an expressive outlet for their feelings and emotions. Classes include but are not limited to instruction on set design, puppetry, stage make-up, and of course, song and dance.


Education. Students are given the opportunity to further their education by attending regularly scheduled college classes taught by West Hill College personnel. These classes are offered through the WHCC Disabled Students’ Programs and Services (DSP&S) and are developed to assist our students in improving their literacy and math skills. Our students may also enroll in “mainstream” classes of which our staff shall provide necessary supports for their inclusion, success, and completion of such courses. Our staff will also aid students in the enrollment process and obtaining necessary financial aid.

In addition, WHCC has an independent living skills class in which our students will be able to enroll. Students enrolled in WHCC classes will have access to the library as well as other college services.


Technology provides an opportunity for communication. Performing arts provides an opportunity for motor development. Visual arts provides an opportunity for a commission on art sales. Offering our students a choice in classes affords them the opportunity to find fulfillment in their day freedom of choice. We are here to provide our students the opportunity for a greater quality of life.

Areas Served: Coalinga and it’s surrounding communities