At the Center for the Arts & Technology, our adult student’s ages range from 22 years old to 83 years of age. We recognize our students have a wide array of desires and needs.

Our curriculum is designed with special emphasis on increasing verbal and written language skills as well as offering a variety of vocational and artistic training opportunities tailored to the specific needs and strengths of our students.

We promote inclusion, access, independence, and opportunities for community engagement and life‐enhancing programs. We create opportunities for our students to interact with the community in positive settings and nurture independence and personal growth.

Our program is designed to meet each student at their current level of ability and encourage them to challenge themselves to reach their goals. These goals can include increased mobility, selling a work of art, or formulating a recipe based on the produce they grew in our garden. Our staff are empowered to create an environment for student success.


Life Skills. Designed to focus on skill development that will enhance the independence of our students. Classes include communication, community integration, cooking, recreational skills, hygiene, and self-advocacy.


Technology. Classes utilize a wide range of adaptive software and hardware that includes the mind mouse, touch screens, voice software and JAWS, a program that provides both speech and braille output. Technology classes include computer instruction, graphic art, computer communication, and e-mail, just to name a few.


Visual Arts. Classes include watercolor, sketching, papier-mâché, ceramics, clay, mixed media and candle making.


Performing Arts. Geared towards providing our students with an expressive outlet for their feelings and emotions. Classes include but are not limited to instruction on set design, puppetry, stage make-up, and of course, song and dance.


Technology provides an opportunity for communication. Performing arts provides an opportunity for motor development. Visual arts provides an opportunity for a commission on art sales. Offering our students a choice in classes affords them the opportunity to find fulfillment in their day freedom of choice. We are here to provide our students the opportunity for a greater quality of life.

Areas Served: Fresno and surrounding communities.

Center for the Arts & Technology